Who Is Jonny?

Jonny Ritz grew up in South Africa and from the age of 3 was obsessed with the game of golf. After graduating high school Jonny was fortunate enough to receive an athletic scholarship to a top-tier university in the United States. In his early 20's, Jonny realized that succeeding in the game of life was way more important than becoming a champion golfer.

After returning to South Africa Jonny trained under Italian craftsmen perfecting the design, creation, and in-depth knowledge of fine jewelry and gemology.

The "Jonny" Difference

When Jonny works with a client, he spends several hours imparting years of in-depth knowledge, both academic and practical, enabling the client to make a well informed decision. It is critical to understand the journey of a rough diamond from the dirt through the cutting process and why two diamonds of the same carat weight, color and clarity can be so very different in price. After a sale, Jonny will always take care of his clients and their jewelry, whether it is resizing, appraising or recommending highly rated insurance services.