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Unparalleled Education

Exceptional Taste


Jonny Ritz is a highly educated jeweler hailing from South Africa, serving jewelry clients throughout the United States.

His passion, unique education, and experience have resulted in many happy clients.

The clients are thrilled with their jewelry and at ease with the jewelry purchasing process.

With his five years of schooling in Jewelry Crafting and Gemology, Jonny offers his clients a unique opportunity to be educated, enabling them to make a well-informed purchase decision.


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A classic silhouette of a brilliant round diamond with a glittering band.


A halo style accentuates the center stone, illuminating it to the eye


When displaying a piece of jewelry designed by Jonny Ritz, our clients begin not with the details of the diamonds but with the exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm of its designer. Jonny Ritz is not only sought for his talent and craftsmanship but also for his genuine passion and desire to provide each client with their perfect design.


Beauty cannot be defined by a piece of paper. A trained eye and years of experience yield a piece of jewelry that is exquisitely tailored to taste. While we are pleased to provide an array of accurately certified gems, Jonny's focus is to educate the clients on the critically important details that go beyond the 4C's.

Who Is Jonny?

Jonny Ritz grew up in South Africa and from the age of 3 was obsessed with the game of golf. After graduating high school Jonny was fortunate enough to receive an athletic scholarship to a top-tier university in the United States. In his early 20's, Jonny realized that succeeding in the game of life was way more important than becoming a champion golfer.

After returning to South Africa Jonny trained under Italian craftsmen perfecting the design, creation, and in-depth knowledge of fine jewelry and gemology.

The "Jonny" Difference

When Jonny works with a client, he spends several hours imparting years of in-depth knowledge, both academic and practical, enabling the client to make a well informed decision. It is critical to understand the journey of a rough diamond from the dirt through the cutting process and why two diamonds of the same carat weight, color and clarity can be so very different in price. After a sale, Jonny will always take care of his clients and their jewelry, whether it is resizing, appraising or recommending highly rated insurance services.


jewelry spans generations and milestones

We create jewelry that will last lifetimes and are passed on to each new generation with tales of old and promises of future stories to be told.


Classic Is Always In Style